I go by Emily... 

a person who is happiest when connecting with someone about something (e.g. music, psychology, a tree).


I try to use all my senses as often as possible. This naturally leads me outdoors. I'm also currently trying to intertwine my two passions -- startup spirit & the mental health industry. 


I was born alongside an identical twin in Deep South, Louisiana. After college, I stuffed everything into my car and road-tripped out to San Francisco to see what would happen. In five years, I've built a new life. Maybe the word "building" fits better. It's a continuous process, right?

My most recent gig was running operations++ for LAUNCH. It was bitter-sweet to leave the LAUNCH team, but my passion is for psychology influenced by eastern thought.

Big picture: I want to help others help themselves. Or at least be a support in their process. This might mean going back to school, this might mean starting my own program, this might mean joining a socially conscious startup (or all three). I'll just take each day as it comes for now.

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